1 Year ago today…

1 year ago today, we brought our little girl home with us from the NICU after her 100 day stay.  It’s hard to think back to those days where we would visit every day and think it was only a year ago.  In many ways it has gone by so fast!

This was our blog post from a year ago:


And this video was taken today:

We had no idea how much joy and happiness one little girl would bring us!  It’s been a wonderful year.


Brian and Sam

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Happy Easter…plus Health Update

Hello All!

Happy Easter!  We hope that you all had a wonderful time celebrating with your families this weekend.  We were excited to take Nicolette to visit the Easter Bunny but she was much more interested in the people that were there.  p.s her mom was not ready to pose in the picture either!

We’ve officially come out of hibernation after the flu season and only had a few cases of the sniffles.  Now we are out and about and enjoying the spring weather.  Our pediatrician warns us that RSV and the FLU are still out there but to enjoy our time going out with Nicolette.  We had a lot of help to keep her healthy and we appreciate every effort.

Nicolette is in excellent health.  We will continue to watch her eyes, lungs and heart, but most of our efforts go towards feeding her so she can gain weight and get bigger.  She measures low for her age on height and weight, but this is normal for preemies and the doctors say she will most likely catch up within the next two years.  Visits to the pulmonologist and nutritionist are further apart and there is no real concern for her  lungs.  Also, last week we went to the cardiologist for a follow up appointment and there will be no follow ups after that and no concerns for her heart.  We are now taking this specialist out of our rolodex.

We will still regularly meet with the ophthalmologist to check on her vision.  Preemies almost always need glasses at a pretty young age so its important to stay on top of it.

Developmentally, Nicolette is ahead of her adjusted age and surprises us every day!  She is fearless and teaches herself new things every day. She’s crawling, standing, and cruising around and, as always, never stops moving.  Health-wise, we don’t have to worry about any developmental delays so far and everything seems to be wonderful.

She recently taught herself to climb down a stair.  She tried to do this off of the doctors table since she decided she was done with her appointment.  Talking and getting our attention is her top priority.  She let’s us know when things are “good” and “dadadada.”

We wanted to make sure anyone who is interested is up to speed on Nicolette’s health and never hesitate to ask questions.

We are excited to spend more time with friends and family this summer.  As a parent our  number one priority is keeping Nicolette healthy.  Please let us know if we are planning to see you if you or your little one is sick.  We don’t mind finding a good time to reschedule.

Love, Brian and Sam

Here Sam is trying to get a kiss from Nicolette…

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Some Saturday Photos.

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A Birthday Poem for Nicolette

This poem was sent to us from family and it means a lot to us.  It was so touching to receive this on Nicolette’s Birthday.

A miracle happened on year ago,
Our lives became complete,
Nicolette Ava came into this world,
Nothing was ever so sweet.
At 1 lb. 7 oz. and only 1 foot long
You had to fight with all that you had.
It took until the middle of May
Before you could be with Mom and Dad.
Nicolette, you are a treasure,
You have a will beyond compare,
We look forward to the years ahead
And all the memories we will share.
Happy Birthday, sweet little Nicolette,
You have already made your mark on this earth,
We have treasured each moment of everyday with you
Since February 5th, the wonderful day of your birth.
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Happy 1 Year Birthday Nicolette!

One year ago, our daughter Nicolette was born and has changed our lives in so many wonderful ways.  As we recall this time last year, it forces us to reflect on this past year’s miracles and milestones.  As we have watched her grow and develop she continues to exhibit the feisty, determined attitude with a coy smile that we saw from day one.  We can’t wait to see what each year brings us!

Thank you for all of your messages and inspiring words about Nicolette.  We love hearing from each and every one of you!

In our own small way, we would like to help give back and to help any future preemie children. Please help us by joining our Team for the March of Dimes Walk or by donating  one dollar in honor of Nicolette.  We know we can’t raise millions of dollars, but we do know the amazing things that are done each year and that donating one dollar can make a huge difference and it is important to be aware of what the March of Dimes does for premature children.  Donate Now

Here are a few pictures that Inhar took of our small isolated :0) gathering to help Nicolette celebrate her 1 year Birthday!!  We can’t wait for all of you to help us celebrate in a traditional Korean ceremony later this year.

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Crawling, Sitting and Dancing

Hello Friends,

It has been a few months now that we have been in hibernation and Nicolette has decided that she won’t sleep during her hibernation but teach herself how to become more mobile.  She has been sitting up on her own now, crawling and dancing for some time and we thought we would capture a video to share with you.  Check her out:

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

We hope that you all are snuggled up in your homes and are getting prepared to eat a yummy dinner!

As we end 2011, we cannot say thank you enough to all of you for following our story and providing us encouraging words of advice, sympathy, encouragement, and support.  We were also pleasantly surprised at how many of you followed and shared our blog.  We love getting messages from each and everyone one of you.

Special thank you to our mothers (Nicolette’s grandmothers) who watch over our little girl everyday while we are at work.  They are the ones that really encourage our her to grow in so many different ways.  We are blessed to have them support us in so many ways.

We love you all and look forward to sharing more memories with you in 2012!

All Photos were taken from Inhar Photography: http://inharphotography.com/

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