A busy October – Zoo, Aquarium, and Halloween

As we weather the Frankenstorm, we have time to reflect on our busy October (and some of September).

The Fall has been a great time for family activities and spending time with friends.

First stop is the Reston Zoo.  We went with Ashley and Sydney to meet the animals.  We have been working with Nicolette on identifying her animals along with their noises.  Of course, we were really excited to see all different kinds of animals.  Sam wasn’t prepared to be scared by the petting zoo.  Those animals know that we come with food in our hands.  Here are some of our favorite pictures of the day.

Little birds with little hands can be scary!  However, we learned to pet the birds softly :0).

Yes, I am scared.

It was a perfect fall day to check out Ticonderoga Farms for our first trip.  We were able to meet up with Denis, Ashley, and Sydney.  The dads had a great time taking the girls down the slides. (Photos courtesy of Ashley Wane, thanks Ashley!)

We also made a visit to the National Aquarium, where we met up with Joe, Poppy, and Olive.  Poppy and Olive were pro’s when it came to finding their favorite animals. While Nicolette held on tightly while big fish swam by, but surprisingly waved to the sharks eagerly as they swam by.  Go figure…

The girls finally were comfortable with each other and started to figure one another out!  So cute!


Nicolette was dressed as an elephant this year for Halloween.  She’s too little to be trick or treating but we had plenty of opportunities to show off her costume.  She had three events to go to!

Every Saturday we take Nicolette to the Little Gym.  They had a Halloween event and our littlest elephant had an amazing time!  At first it was a little scary with the room packed.  You can tell by her expression, she was not used to that many people.  She finally warmed up and started to run around.

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One Response to A busy October – Zoo, Aquarium, and Halloween

  1. I’m always thrilled when I see a post from you. Love all your pictures–I can’t believe how big Nicolette has gotten! What a little cutie! Thanks for sharing. Love, Diane

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