A girl can never have too many accessories…

Nicolette is debuting her newest accessory, her ultra chic pink mira flex glasses.  Her ophthalmologist decided that it was time to treat her farsightedness with glasses.  He decided that she was working too hard to focus and that we would give her a break.

She may not have them forever, because over time, with farsightedness, her vision can improve, but we are not holding our breath.

To date, she has taken to them pretty quickly which is a great indicator that they are helping her out.  Her doctor confirmed this and was extremely happy with the results, which makes us happy.

The type of glasses she is wearing used to only be available in Europe but has made its way across the ocean to the U.S.  They are great for kids because they are comfortable and won’t hurt them while they are wearing them.  Even though they are extremely scratch resistant, our little bird decided to chew on hers.

The glasses bring a lot of attention her way including many questions like “are those real?”  Um, yes, they are real.  “Are those prescription?”  Yes.  And our favorite and by far the most common question, “How do they measure her vision when she is so young/little?”  Our favorite response, “She can read, she’s really advanced”

The real response, the ophthalmologist dilates her pupils and shines a light into the back of her eyes one at a time.  The reflection back allows them to measure exactly how farsighted or nearsighted she is.   They don’t need any feedback from the patient to measure her vision.





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2 Responses to A girl can never have too many accessories…

  1. Stephanie says:

    Love the glasses! I had my first pair when I was two… it looks like they’ve come along way (I don’t know how many pairs I broke). It’s amazing how they can improve vision at such a young age!

  2. Joe Agro says:

    But, why would you put fake glasses on a baby? Just kidding, of course.

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