4 Months

It’s been a while since we have posted about Nicolette.  We can definitely say that its been a busy month for all of us!  Nicolette has reached 4 months old (adjusted), but acts like she is much older!  Let’s catch up……

Right after Nicolette learned how to roll over, we knew she wasn’t going to sit still any longer.  She has now started to scoot on her front making her way across the living room floor.  It’s not crawling, but more like an inch worm.  She uses her toes to lift up her body and her arms to move her right along while balancing on her head.  This also means that she likes to wake herself up in the middle of the night because she has turned over and scooted across her crib.  In addition to moving around, she has started to play with her toys by grabbing and reaching for them.  Of course, everything is going right in her mouth. With some assistance, she is able to sit up as well.  Her physical therapist recommended sitting her flat on the ground while putting a little table on her lap so she can work on her back muscles and reach for her toys.  We made this table out of a cardboard box (by far the cheapest baby item so far).  We sit her on the ground and provide little assistance to help her work on these skills.  The therapist also recommended sitting her on our lap so her feet can touch the floor.  This helps her feel  for the ground with her feet.


Check out the picture of the cheapest baby toy ever below.  

We found out is that she is ticklish!  Which lead us to hearing her laugh for the first time. It’s just the start, but she loves kisses since they make her laugh.

Since Nicolette was a micro preemie, she will be followed by different groups to see how she progresses through her childhood for two reasons: one to let us know how she is progressing and two to study what they did at the NICU to help other babies.  Of course, we would help any other preemie and pay it forward.  The meetings are non invasive and fairly painless.  We had her first rehabilitation appointment and overall it went very well The doctor thought Nicolette was progressing perfectly on her adjusted age.  She is even moving along some milestones a little ahead of herself.  This will help her as she starts catching up to her real age over the next couple of year!  We will see another group in January.

Here are some pictures of her first evaluation:

This past month we were able to take Nicolette to the National Zoo.  She loved the zoo so much that she stayed awake the entire time ;0).  Check out these pictures of her wide awake looking at the animals. 

Here’s a crazy picture that Brian took of the lions.  Yes, those are their eyes glowing in the dark.

In addition to the zoo, we were feeling adventurous and wanted to go out to dinner before cold season started.  Well, let’s just say that if they ban children in Georgetown restaurants please don’t blame us!

Here we are at Sea Catch:

Starting now the Jones Family will be going into hibernation to help shield Nicolette against cold and flu season.  We will have a separate post about why if you are interested in learning about RSV and how it can affect preemie children.  All preemie children born before a certain gestational age  petition to get what they call a Synagis shot every 28 days during the cold season to prevent RSV.  The shots are expensive and difficult to obtain but insurance companies cover it because the cost is less than a hospital stay.  I’m sure Nicolette won’t mind, and hopefully she will stay well this cold/flu season.

Finally, we would like to thank our good friend Inhar from Inhar Photography for taking 3 month photos of Nicolette.  Here is the link to the photos and here are a few of our favorites:

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2 Responses to 4 Months

  1. April Hiltabidle says:

    I am so happy to see Nicolette is doing so well-she’s thriving and looks just like her Mommy! You both are great parents giving her exactly what she needs and helping out other preemies:)

  2. I knew you two would have a cute kid…but she is absolutely gorgeous!

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