Nicolette’s Baptism

Hello All,

Sunday July 31st was Nicolette’s Baptism at St. Timothy Catholic Church in Chantilly, VA.  Her mother picked out the most beautiful dress and she was well behaved the entire time!

Nicolette’s proud Uncle Doug is Nicolette’s Godfather and one of Sam’s longtime friends Inhar is Nicolette’s Godmother.  We know these two will help to guide her on her spiritual path and will be wonderful godparents.

We waited until she was out of the hospital and healthy enough to go to church.  We enjoyed spending time with family and friends and are grateful for all who were able to attend.


Love, Sam and Brian



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One Response to Nicolette’s Baptism

  1. Caroline O'Neill says:

    I am so glad to hear how well she is doing! She has really added a lot of inches since coming home:) The pictures are beautiful!

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