2012 Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Friends and Family!  As we end the year, we are so grateful to have all of you in our lives.

This Christmas, Brian and I were excited to introduce Nicolette to Santa.  We were unable to take her to the mall last year, so we jumped at the chance to take her this year.  Our pediatrician gave us the okay to do so.  We knew that we had to prep Nicolette to meet Santa otherwise, she would just think he was another stranger dressed up in red.  On Thanksgiving, we started to read books where Santa was the main character.  We made him a big deal. Within hearing Santa twice, she was hooked.

The night of meeting Santa, we talked about how we were going to meet him.  We stood in line and continued to talk about how Santa was there and that he couldn’t wait to meet her.  The team working the Santa place gave us some good tips on how to slowly introduce her to Santa since it was her first time.  We followed their advice and had Brian go up to him first and talk to him.  Then we took her up and put him on his lap.  Well, she was so excited and star struck, she couldn’t take her eyes off of him.  So much so, that we couldn’t get her attention to take a picture.  Finally, after the lady jumped up and down and made some funny noises she faced us and gave us her one quick smile.

Here’s her first photo meeting Santa!


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A busy October – Zoo, Aquarium, and Halloween

As we weather the Frankenstorm, we have time to reflect on our busy October (and some of September).

The Fall has been a great time for family activities and spending time with friends.

First stop is the Reston Zoo.  We went with Ashley and Sydney to meet the animals.  We have been working with Nicolette on identifying her animals along with their noises.  Of course, we were really excited to see all different kinds of animals.  Sam wasn’t prepared to be scared by the petting zoo.  Those animals know that we come with food in our hands.  Here are some of our favorite pictures of the day.

Little birds with little hands can be scary!  However, we learned to pet the birds softly :0).

Yes, I am scared.

It was a perfect fall day to check out Ticonderoga Farms for our first trip.  We were able to meet up with Denis, Ashley, and Sydney.  The dads had a great time taking the girls down the slides. (Photos courtesy of Ashley Wane, thanks Ashley!)

We also made a visit to the National Aquarium, where we met up with Joe, Poppy, and Olive.  Poppy and Olive were pro’s when it came to finding their favorite animals. While Nicolette held on tightly while big fish swam by, but surprisingly waved to the sharks eagerly as they swam by.  Go figure…

The girls finally were comfortable with each other and started to figure one another out!  So cute!


Nicolette was dressed as an elephant this year for Halloween.  She’s too little to be trick or treating but we had plenty of opportunities to show off her costume.  She had three events to go to!

Every Saturday we take Nicolette to the Little Gym.  They had a Halloween event and our littlest elephant had an amazing time!  At first it was a little scary with the room packed.  You can tell by her expression, she was not used to that many people.  She finally warmed up and started to run around.

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Nicolette’s Deep Thoughts

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Learning New Things

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A girl can never have too many accessories…

Nicolette is debuting her newest accessory, her ultra chic pink mira flex glasses.  Her ophthalmologist decided that it was time to treat her farsightedness with glasses.  He decided that she was working too hard to focus and that we would give her a break.

She may not have them forever, because over time, with farsightedness, her vision can improve, but we are not holding our breath.

To date, she has taken to them pretty quickly which is a great indicator that they are helping her out.  Her doctor confirmed this and was extremely happy with the results, which makes us happy.

The type of glasses she is wearing used to only be available in Europe but has made its way across the ocean to the U.S.  They are great for kids because they are comfortable and won’t hurt them while they are wearing them.  Even though they are extremely scratch resistant, our little bird decided to chew on hers.

The glasses bring a lot of attention her way including many questions like “are those real?”  Um, yes, they are real.  “Are those prescription?”  Yes.  And our favorite and by far the most common question, “How do they measure her vision when she is so young/little?”  Our favorite response, “She can read, she’s really advanced”

The real response, the ophthalmologist dilates her pupils and shines a light into the back of her eyes one at a time.  The reflection back allows them to measure exactly how farsighted or nearsighted she is.   They don’t need any feedback from the patient to measure her vision.





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Miller/Walker Wedding

My brother Doug and his beautiful bride, Carson, celebrated their wedding outside of Richmond, VA.  The day, wedding, and every single detail was perfect.  The party continued throughout the night with some many fun memories.  Some of our favorite memories include Nicolette as the flower girl.  She was honored to be their flower girl but wasn’t exactly excited to take pictures.   Thankfully, we were able to get some snapshots of her!  Here are a few pictures to highlight some of the fun memories.

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Nicolette Dancing

We’ve discovered that Nicolette loves dancing…especially to David Guetta.

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